So, who buys McQuilties quilts?????

by Mary McCarty

Jade and her friends ordered one as a baby gift and asked me to stitch their names into the quilt. 

Peter wanted one to bring home to Germany as a reminder of his visit to Inis Oírr.

Mary and Frank commissioned one as a wedding gift for their daughter. It was made from their personal collection of fabrics from Africa and Australia.

Jane is having me make one to hang on the wall over her bed.

So, who buys McQuilties quilts? All kinds of people!  For all kinds of reasons! In all kinds of designs, colors, sizes and prices! :)







by Mary McCarty

Never too late to try something new!  I'm a bit intimidated by the world of blogging....but I've decided to post photos, info, maybe even thoughts (!) to give you, my dear reader, insights into my life on Inis Oírr and my love of quilting. Here goes!